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Diva Poulous Versatility at its Best

A veteran of the salon industry, Diva Poulous, Sebastian International Artist, plunged headlong into her career right after finishing high school by opening her own salon in Sydney. Soon she joined Sebastian and has been fortunate to be mentored by gurus such as Trevor Sorbie, Geri Cuzensa and Robert Lobetta. Poulous has come a long way and today has her own salon in San Francisco, by the name of Diva International, which she has opened with her husband, Andrew.


Polous has mastered and hence has risen to being a key member of the Sebestian International Artist Team and Sebestian International Artist Team and Sebestian Core Design Team North America. She mentors new members, infuses artistry in designs and takes creativity to the next level. Says she, “when you work with other artists, you create a family. Artists need to believe in each other and themselves. We nees to explore opportunities, expand idealism and constantly grow.

“Role and Responsibility”

I’ve been a Sebastian Artistic Team member for the last deacade. I’ve received the Visionary Awards. I’m involved with launches, I-Zone DVDs and what’s Next. I’ve created content for seminars, leaders’s guides, training curriculum, photo shoots and events for global launches,” shares Poulous.

Indian Market

“The country today is a land of opportunity for the hairstylist,” gushes Poulous, “as the Indian consumer, both men and women, have become experimental and willing to change the way they have been looking for all those years. Though women here don’t like to cut their hair short, they are beginning to work with colour. One does see a lot of highlights of gold, copper and red. These colours suit the Indian skin tone and the women look very pretty. Men have gone all out with spikes and mohawks. While these cuts may still be subdues as compared to ones in the US, at least, they have taken a first step, “smiles Poulous.

Education and training

Shares Poulous, “In every country, education and training in the hairstyling industry is critical. A stylist needs to have thorough knowledge of the techniques that are behind a cut and colour before he or she is taken on the floor. I feel the Indian hairstyling is opening now to new stylesand cuts. He is taking it up as a challenge and rising to the occasion beautifully. The hairstylists. Are becoming aware of the relevance of education and enrolling in academies for extensive courses. This is a good sign!”

Current Trend

Reveals Poulous,” Globally, pixie cuts and bobs are in. For the tyoe of hair Indain have which is thick and good quality, the bob is a great cut. It has movement and lends bounces to all sorts of hair; styles that are swept away from the face so that the natural facial features are highlighted and short cuts are must-haves for the season.”