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Ludhiana Gets Cafe with a Book Library


The Frog Prince has recently opened in Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana. Measuring 3,000 sqft on three floors, including the indoor space and terrace, it has a seating capacity of 100. Interiors are an English-style café cum pub with Anglo-Indian cuisine blends, a full fl edged bakery, and a library. The café situated on the first floor has frogs dotting the wall.

“The concept is based on the famous story which is held dear by every child… and every adult too. The Frog Prince is a place where mundane days transform into special experiences the moment you step in,” avers owner Gautam Garg. He estimates 300-350 daily footfalls.

“Ludhiana is a city rich in flavours and a long culinary history, with roadside eateries dotting the landscape, but very few modern outlets to lure the foodies of the city.

The Frog Prince is my effort to transform the city’s idea of eating out and savouring great food in a charming place,” he adds.