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Signature Foods to Enter India’s Retail Market


Signature Foods, a leading supplier of bakery products to customers in the HoReCa sector across India and in international markets, will introduce its products to the Indian retail market under its new brand Fresh2Go. The company will initially focus on supplying chapattis, parathas, roti, kulcha, tortillas, wraps and other international flatbreads to the retail market. These products will be available in an ambient, chilled and frozen format with a shelf-life ranging from a few days to 12 months depending on the customers’ requirements.

The products will be manufactured at the company’s new state-of-the-art bakery located in Nashik. Signature Foods claims to combine the very latest in baking technology and machinery with traditional recipes and ingredients and authentic baking methods to produce high-quality products. The company is accredited with a Grade A status by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) recognising that the production facility is run to the highest standards.
Abdelaziz Benchaoui, Managing Director of Signature Foods, comments, “We see a lot of opportunities in India’s growing domestic retail market for our products, which are unique in terms of quality, formulation and taste. Through retail we aim to reach the masses and create mass demand for our products.”
He adds,”In the first phase of our retail launch, we will enter major metro cities and will target both modern and traditional retail formats. However, our major focus will be on modern retail channels as they offer the right platform to conduct promotional campaigns, which are necessary to create awareness of our products and reach out to potential customers. With our state-of-the-art, ultra hygienic production facility, and the world’s fastest manufacturing lines, we are wellequipped to cater to this market.”