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Spa Trends in Design


With an increase in stress of everyday life and the trend regarding living with design objects, KLAFS is clearly in the direction of creating a peaceful and stylish environment. The aim is to create room for absolute relaxation without lacking attractive design. In addition, the issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. As a pioneer in the sauna, pool and spa industry, we are endlessly trying to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Winning the iF Design Award, for two years in a row, for a wellness product has moved the focus, from the traditional sauna and steam room culture to having them as design objects. Steam baths, for example, are now pieces of jewellery made of high-grade natural stone and glass that opens the space and add elegance. At the beginning of the century, it was modern to create an impressive spa, today it is more ‘back to the roots’. Spa facilities with homogenous surfaces, both private and commercial, create a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of space. Now there is emphasis on real and high quality materials, such as the hand-chopped spruce or hemlock classic wood; occasionally the tone is set, for example, with harmonious lighting effects.

According to the trend, KLAFS has set the focus on developing products that promote relaxation. We have introduced Wolke 7 Cloud 9, which is a unique product that sends peace-seekers with its organic form of cocoons and gentle swaying, into a different world. The asymmetric, organic and an almost living form, it invites one to let go and is for those seeking relaxation in a warm seat. By means of a swaying movement, which also forms a starting point in the basic frequency of the sound composition, the order of the senses is comfortably transformed. The visual steps into the background and makes space for feeling
and hearing.

Implementation of technological innovations in product development is of great importance. Design in the spa sector is a very important and we are constantly working towards it.