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Is Your Staff Trained?


Properly training the newly hired and existing staff is essential to the companies as well as the employees. Failure to provide adequate training results in job dissatisfaction, which leads to higher attrition. There is a growing gap between the skills demand and staff capability in the retail industry, believes Sanjay Engineer, CEO and MD, Infinite Myriaads. Learning and development through training will assist retailers in bridging this gap which in turn helps them motivating their employees, thereby reducing the attrition levels.

What kind of training solutions do you provide to Indian retailers? 
Our solutions help transforming frontend employees from mere salesmen into solution providers. Employees are trained in skills such as grooming, hygiene and sales, amongst other softer skills, besides awareness of the retail world. All the way, the training highlights the techniques of solutions selling with a service mindset. Infinite has also launched its inhouse education courses under “The Myriaads Academy of Excellence.” It provides an opportunity to those who work or want to work in the retail industry to harness and develop their potential. We skill such individuals in the behavioural and functional arena to ensure that they deliver their best for the employers and customers.
How are retailers benefited from these solutions?
Partnering organisations in their learning and development plans, we have been successful in contributing to their success in the following areas:
• Identifying training needs for employees
• Assisting in establishing processes towards daily operations
• Developing and implementing relevant delivery solutions pan India
• Measuring and rectifying gaps all through, with continuous assessments, interventions and monitoring
• Higher motivation of staff and lesser attrition levels
• Creating value for the organisation and vision for its employees towards personal and organisational success
Are your solutions customised according to each category or segment that retailers operate in? 
We customise our solutions as per client requirements, target audience, training objectives and proposed training outcome. We have multilingual trainers with knowledge and expertise in client’s domain. We provide modules in regional languages. We ensure ongoing assessments, mystery audits and feedback to enable supervisors to manage their teams effectively and enhance performance. Besides, we offer unique and customised learning interventions according to the needs of the clients.
Are the services and products offered by you suitable for largeformat retailers and mom-and-pop stores alike? 
We have trained big retailers including Titan Industries, eZone and Croma as well as small retailers such as Kalki Sarees and Addon Retail. We provide customised solutions to each and every client.
How much one has to shell out if they want to adopt your training programmes? what is the length of these programmes? 
Cost depends on a variety of factors such as pan India logistics and training days. However, our programmes are very affordable toa client seeking long-term solutions. We insist on regular interventions, a minimum partnership of a year which enables us to achieve the outcome to a great degree.
What steps are you taking to create awareness about your solutions?
We have introduced e-learning to our existing learning methodologies. Our website and social media are a boost to create awareness. However, word of mouth has worked in our favour immensely and is our greatest awareness generator.
How your training solutions result in better customer service, higher sales and feedback to management? 
At Infinite Myriaads, the concentration is on the development of the individual. We strongly believe that to be ready for the front end, one should understand the domain and environment where the front-end employees work in. A thorough understanding of the skills is a must and a major part of the training is zoned on the development of the soft and functional skills before the product training is touched upon. A healthy mix of motivation sessions, videos, cases studies, examples, domain specific training, process training, SOP training and product training is imparted to the candidate before he or she is ready for the floor. At Infinite, we do not believe in the concept of a one-off training intervention as we strongly believe that our customers and the employees don’t gain much from it. For effective results, Infinite concentrates on complete end-to-end skilling solutions for a complete year or more.
Do you think there is a dearth of talent in the Indian retail industry?
Retail is the most booming sector in the Indian economy and is expected to reach US$ 175-200 bn by 2016. With this rapid expansion and coming up of major players in the sector, the need for skill development has increased. There is currently a growing gap between training capacity and skills demand. Over 73 percent of retail managers indicated a significant shortfall in the current store level skill sets, according to a survey done by KPMG on the availability of store level skills sets in India. We believe that the retail industry needs more and better equipped manpower to understand and deal with the everchanging consumer psyche. Indian consumers today are well versed with the concepts of quality of products and services. Our model at Infi nite Myriaads helps retailers bridge such skill level gaps, thus creating value for the customers of our clients. We help create a service mindset in the employees. We cater to different formats of retail and every programme is customised and addresses concerns through simple yet effective approaches