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Celina Jaitley: From Urban to Chic


Personal style statement

It ranges from urban to chic to glam and everything in-between. I make sure I never miss a beat, even with all the low and high notes, when it comes to fashion.

Skin and hair care regime

I believe hair is an extension of our skin and you can’t have beautiful hair, without having a beautiful glowing skin. For simple at-home hair care, I invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for my type of hair. I deep-condition once a week, or use a hair mask to hydrate and repair as I have dry hair. I don’t colour my hair. Hair care entails not only protecting your hair from the elements, but also from the chemicals you put directly on it.

Nutrition is also an essential part of a hair care regime. Lack of vitamins, too little protein, or a diet too low in calories can take a toll on the health of our hair and skin. Crash diets are especially harmful to hair health, so be careful when depriving your body of nutrients. Drinking enough water will also help our hair stay shiny and healthy.

Winding down after a hard day

I am a spa junkie, so I go for massages. I also like taking steam as it improves the blood circulation and makes you feel fresh. Ananda in the Himalayas is my favourite spa in India and I also love visiting the Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia.

Favourite hairstyle

I love to show-off my fabulous hair. I like to wear my hair loose as it’s very me!

Bad hair day

If I’m having a bad hair day, then I dab on some kind of baby powder and make a bun.

Favourite hair product

I love Moroccanoil!

Favourite Stylist

If I am in Mumbai, I call my hairstylist friend Raj Gupta of Dilshad Salon.