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Get the look with Ardell Faux Lashes

The story began way back in 1971 when Arnoldand Sydell Miller founded the Ardell brand of faux eyelashes.With an aim to give every woman mesmerising eyes,Ardell today has become a name to reckon with. Safe touse and easy to remove, Ardell answers frequently asked questions on their offerings.
How do I remove strip lashes?
Starting at the outer corner of the eye, gently peel off the strip lash. Remove the adhesive from band and place the lashes back on tray for reuse
How do I remove individual lashes?
Duralashes can be easily removed using the specially formulated Lash Free Remover.Place a tissue over the lowerlid and partially close your eye.Dip an eyeliner brush into the Lash Free Remover, then gently stroke along the lash line untilthe adhesive softens. Removelashes without pulling. Repeat if necessary…
What is the difference betweenLashGrip Adhesive for StripLashes and LashTite Adhesive for Individual Lashes?
LashGrip Adhesive is a latexbasedadhesive formulatedfor strip lashes to last severalhours. It can also be used toapply individual lashes for anevening. LashTite Adhesive is
latex-free, and keeps individual lashes on from two to four weeks.
Can LashGrip Adhesive be used for applying individual lashes?
Yes. Make-up artists use Lash Grip Adhesive to apply individual lashes for photo shoots, music videos, and? lms. If you want individuallashes on for several hours,use Lash Grip Adhesive. If youwant them to last for severaldays, use Lash Tite Adhesive
Should I apply strip lashes before or after I put on my make-up?
Some women like to apply their full make-up and addthe lashes as finishing touch.Others prefer to apply most of their make-up, lashes, and then blend eyeliner to hide the lash band.
Do I need to apply mascara when using strip lashes?
Mascara is optional. If you have straight lashes, you cancurl your lashes and apply alittle mascara before puttingon strip lashes. Ardell’s LashM agic is ideal for blendingstrip lashes to your natural
Do I need to apply mascara when using individual lashes?
If you are applying individuallashes using Lash Tite Adhesive for long-lastingresults, mascara is notrecommended. If Lash Grip Adhesive is used for one evening with individual lashes, mascara can be used to get that extra volume.
How do I clean my strip lashes so that I can reuse them?
Non-oily eye make-up remove rcan be used to clean strip lashes. You may need to use tweezers to remove the adhesive
I’ve never worn lashes before. How long does it take to apply strip lashes?
Just a few minutes. However,it will take longer on your first few attempts. We suggest you practice first. Don’t try justbefore you are getting ready fora special occasion, as you mayget too frustrated getting it right.
Can I use LashTite Adhesive to apply strip lashes?
No. LashTite Adhesive hasbeen formulated to give longerlasting results for individuallashes only (two to four weeks).For removal, LashFree Removerwill dissolve this long-lastingadhesive. LashTite Adhesiveshould be used on lashes only,and should not touch the skin.

Do your lashes contain latex?

No. The lashes themselves donot contain any latex. However,LashGrip Adhesive for StripLashes do contain latex. LashTite Adhesive for Individual Lashes donot contain any latex