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The daughter of an Army man, has done Patiala proud by winning the prestigious beauty pageant.Excerpts from an interview with her follow
Managing the Mane
I have naturally good hair.They are silky and easy tomanage. Even during themonsoon, they don’t get frizzyso I’m really blessed. I oil myhair weekly and use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. AsI have a phobia of hair fall,I don’t use any chemicalson my hair – no colour, nostraighteners, nothing.
Winding Down After a Hard Day
After a hard day of meetings,I like to look after myself –whether it is drinking juice athome or applying cucumberon my eyes. I also sleep a lotto regain my lost energy.
Bad Hair Day
Long back I remember Ihad to attend an event andthe hairstylist applied alot of mousse on my hair.Despite washing it twice, the stickiness remained. As aresult, I decided to make myhair look wild and messy. Myhair looked great, but I feltmiserable.
Favourite and Regular Hairstylist
Now my make-up and hair isdone by Mahender, who is anindependent artist in Mumbai. Ipatronise Jawed Habib salonsas they are high in qualityand have a well-trained andtrustworthy staff
Care and Style
I don’t apply too manyproducts. I use a shampooand a conditioner, and if at all I must, then I use the stylingspray from Schwarzkopf Professional
Experimental Types
I hardly try out new hairstyles.As I have a fairly long face, Iprefer to leave my hair loose.At the most have them donein curls, which look soft and feminine.
Make-up Preferences
Pond’s BB cream, MAC andSephora are my favourites.For the day time, I believe lessis more and so wear a liner,blush and lipstick in peachtones. For the evening, I jazzit up, but only slightly. So I useshades of brown or silver andglossy lipsticks, depending onwhat I am wearing. No smokeyeyes for me!
Fitness levels
I do yoga, go for brisk walksand hit the gym thrice a week.I exercise a lot!