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Richard Ashforth the Shining Example

 What have been the biggest breaks of your career?
Getting my second job at Robert Taylor Salon in Shef- field. He was an inspiration and completely changed the way I viewed hairdressing. Also being offered a position at Sassoon. VS gave me the technical skills to realise what I wanted to do with hair.
What is your inspiration?
So many things offer inspiration, but anyone who knows me will know I get very inspired by music. Good music can be so emotive it can’t fail to stir my creative juices!
How has the journey been?
Interesting would be the first thing that pops into my mind. There are always going to be ups and downs in a career and mine is no different. The main thing is to remember that the downs can be more valuable sometimes than the ups – learning from them is the key!
What have the challenges been? How have you dealt with them?
There’s a challenge everyday – some big, some small. Perseverance is the answer, everything is possible if you’re determined enough.
What is your USP?
I believe in beauty and the individual and ‘Beauty First’ is our motto at Saco. We teach how to cut and colour hair, not simply haircuts. I feel passionately about equipping people with the skills to have a long and creative career not simply with a few basic haircuts to get them started. We teach how and why.
What are the latest trends in hair?
Texture is big right now. It’s not only about curls, but movement and softness, too. Colour trends for us are flesh toned blondes and flourescent detailing in darker bases.
Name your favourite products and equipment.
My favourite piece of equipment has to be the new Saco Master Scissors. We have spent three years designing them with master craftsman – Mitzutani from Japan. They’re handmade and simply the most perfect pair of scissors I’ve ever used. My favourite product has to be mousse – it’s such an all-rounder. We love Kevin Murphy Body Builder and the Semi-delino mouser from Alfaparf Milano.
Who, as per you, is the guru and rising start of the hair industry?
Wow that’s a big question! There are many young stars out there, but I would like to think our young Creative Team will produce a super- day.
What advice would you like to give those who are keen on this profession?
Be prepared to work hard if you want to see results. Hairdressing provides so many amazing opportunities, but they need to be earned.
What is the difference between an editorial shoot, fashion show and designing a collection?

Good question! Editorial hair is a statement and feeling and a mood. Fashion show hair is about a key message and a collection shoot is focused on providing a fresh perspective an interpretation of your own work.

Your future plans?
We are busy launching our franchising programme at the moment and working towards growing the Saco brand. We have an amazing team which is constantly growing and I would love to continue connecting with great people.
Do you plan to have an academy of your own or creating a haircareline for professionals?

We have several academies both in the UK and in our other locations in Canada, France and Denmark. Re haircare line…Watch this space!