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Lingerie Flavours for Autumn/Winter 2013-14

 Steering beyond the glamour of body a major trend is emerging as fashion industry professionals are focusing on cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials. In recent years, textile technologists have been developing materials with special applications in the cosmetic field to add value, comfort and feel to lingerie products.
Micro-encapsulation technology is one such effective technique to control the release properties of active ingredients that prolong the functionality of textiles. Cosmetic Textiles as they are called, propose two amazingly desirable applications for the lingerie sector; ‘dermo-cosmetics’ used for skincare such as toning, moisturising, anti-age and ‘’ wherein the cosmetic textiles release fragrance when in contact with the human body taking care of the sweaty smelly factor haunting underwear. The ingredients used for are essential oils.
Closer to the season at the micro level  the A/W 14-15 trends propose small delicacies, graceful details, delightful surprises to one and all things pretty. It is heartening to see the product range receiving profound attention to design and function than just a pretentious desire to capture attention any which way. Technology driven materials and trims enhance sustainable properties, lend comfort and fit without compromising on glamour and elegance.
Styling and materials
The styles are fresh and sexy, they offer what we all crave for, moulded shapes, edgy cuts, provocative designs. Fabrics are essentially soft and feminine like micro-fibres, dainty tulle, ethereal laces bedecked with naïve embroideries to add a feel of seductive luxury mixed with sporty casualness.

Super chic shades with metallic sheen expand the palette to create a tantalising world of colours that flow with the moods, of weighty themes of the season. There are pastels perfectly tuned to floating lines and featherweights.
The bronze, rust and brown metallic tones add sheen to the artisanal effects and innovative animal designs. The dark and sombre shades pepper casual glamour. And not to be missed bright, tonic colours with echoes from the past for new mixtures.
The four themes guiding the look and feel of the product line are diverse.
The brown, copper and rust family evolves in combination with surface and yarn treatments. However ‘heaviness’ should be avoided even when an element of roughness is introduced. Combinations with oxidised metallic or shiny accents and tonal multi-colour add movement and delicacy.

The spirit of mixology, the art and science of mixing drinks and cocktails, highlights a big trend at the moment, to invent new tastes that coincide with the growing longing for discoveries and experiences. In this theme there is a mix of different something from other eras or cultures, especially Brazil.

The general feeling of seductive silent beauty without ostentation, is expressed in a fairy tale mood taking forward the highlights of last season’s celestial themes. Nature’s perpetual movements are captured in ephemeral still life. Everything is light and airy.

As inspiration moves from vintage to historical richness of places like Venice with its melting pot of Gothic, Renaissance and Oriental elements, the look is enfolded by the leftovers of decadence: velvet, brocades, mosaics. Imagine a night sky without light pollution – voluptuous, dark, mysterious!
Asha Baxi was founding dean academics and chairperson of fashion design at the , New Delhi. She specialises in international fashion trend forecasting and with special focus on the export industry in India.