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Recreating the Magic of the Old English Pub


Gossip, an English style restopub, recreates the magic of the colonial era in the heart of Kolkata. With a one-of-its-kind artistic décor, the restaurant has become a hub for good food and a good company. Keeping in mind the Bengalis love for  good ‘adda’, Gossip has created a space that helps people just sit back and enjoy after a long day.

Kolkata is probably the only place in India where the colonial touch – a reflection of the glorious yesteryears – is still intact. People in the city still want to live their life  the British style. The British were known for working hard and relaxing in a pub at night with a drink or two. So, the main thought process behind opening ‘Gossip’ was to recreate that era. Arunava Das Sharma, Partner at Gossip, says: “The idea was to create a place where people can feel comfortable and relax after a busy day at work. People come here in groups or sometimes even alone to relax, listen to good music and enjoy the warmth of this place.”

Gossip was started in 2005 and was initially launched with the brand name as Go&Sip; it was the customers who started calling it Gossip. And, therefore it was rechristened Gossip. Popularity of the joint forced the owners to open another outlet called More Gossip bang opposite the flagship with a décor and menu that reflect the original artistic designs synonymous with the place.

Gossip was designed by Vivek Rathore, and later Pradeep Mohanty, a renowned artist from Shantiniketan, worked on the pillar of Gossip. Pillar of Gossip is a black coloured pole with quotations written on it in golden colour. Behind the pillar is the bar counter, which is the main attraction of Gossip. The walls of the bar counter are decorated with the junk. The main idea behind creating the pillar around the bar area was to give  the restopub a unique, distinctive look without disturbing the seating arrangement.

Both the restaurants – Gossip and More Gossip – have the same kitchen but the decor is a bit different. More Gossip is a duplex and Gossip is single storeyed. Tungsten lighting, wooden flooring and interiors, and brown-coloured furniture is uniform in both the outlets. The idea behind using pastel shades, and a hint of tan and brown colour was to give the required warm effect to the restaurant in order to make people feel cosy and sit down for a long time. The restaurant size for ‘Gossip and ‘More Gossip’ is 850 sq.ft. Moreover, while Gossip can seat 38 people, More Gossip can seat 60.

The restaurant serves a range of delectable finger food from all over the world such as beer batter fried fish, fish tikka, chicken cheese pikada, and black pepper mutton. There are also main course dishes namely chilli garlic noodles, fish in garlic sauce, chilli mushroom and so on.

According to Das Sharma: “The interiors and ambience of a restaurant are very important and specially in the creation of a lounge bar or restopub. You need to create a warm effect so that you can keep the customers engaged for a long time. They should feel relaxed so that they can unwind. Apart from the design, the presentation of food and drinks is also important.”

He further adds: “At Gossip and More Gossip, we try to give our customers a perfect blend of fusion food with perfect presentation and an old school style British pub to create that nostalgia. Our ambience is one of the main reasons for our success. And yes, we serve finger licking delicacies, too.”