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Deep Tissue Therapy Rejuvenating in luxury

In the high stress environment that one lives in, a spa massage has become a necessity. On my way back after a meeting, I, hence, decided to drop in at Azaaya Spa, which is managed by the renowned Tattva Spa chain, for a relaxing massage. Located in the middle of Gurgaon, the spa is a mix of Indian and Thai motifs that are juxtaposed harmosniously to make for a soothing and relaxing environment. The colours are warm red and gold to bring an immediate sense of a relaxation. There are strains of traditional oriental music being played in the background, which calm the nerves.
Soon I was ushered in to meet Ngamshamri Luithui, my therapist.
Consultancy: After a refreshing herbal tea, Luithui started by asking a few questions about my lifestyle, job, the number of hours of spent in travelling, stress points and relaxation time I get.
Diagnosis: Luithui assessed I had stressed muscles. My skin showed severe signs of tanning. Recommendation: I was suggested the signature body ritual of aimed at relaxing the body muscles that tighten with a city lifestyle.
The process:
Step 1: Begin with long, smooth effleurage strokes from the ankle to the knee and on to the hip to spread the lotion and warm the tissue.
Step 2: Apply local compression to relieve tense areas. Finish the leg massage with a return to the long, slow strokes.
Step 3: Follow with a back massage with a series of long, slow yet firm strokes on both sides of the spine, covering the whole surface of the back.
Step 4: Massage the arms and hands in a face up position. Use the long, slow strokes and alternate the more intense, compression and friction with a wringing motion if you are able to support the weight of the patient’s arm in your hands.
Step 5: To relax the fingers and wrist, with your thumbs provide small, circular pressure.
Step 6: Move to the patient’s head and massage the nape of the neck and the jaw line with small, light pressuredcircles.
Step 7: Apply Berry Berry Scrub to remove dead skin cells and tanning.
Step 8: With a soft wet wash cloth, wipe the body. Finish with a lukewarm shower.
Comments: I felt really relaxed and my skin looked radiant and healthy. The treatment is advisable to all those who are leading a metropolitian lifestyle. The therapist suggested regular drinking of water as spa therapies can be dehydrating.
About the therapist: Ngamshamri Luithui is very thorough with her process. She made sure that I was comfortable at all points during the therapy. She also patiently answered any questions I had during the session