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Gaultier of the East

How has the journey been so far? Any challenges? 
It has been hard work and sheer determination. This sort of perspiration has become an inspiration, ironically, in fashion. Every season, every collection, is a challenge for me. I try to put my ideas and concepts right. So there’s always a challenge. Also, I need to take care of running my stores, looking after the supplies as well as customer satisfaction. Sometimes I do bespoke clothing.

All this drives me.

What is your USP? 
To be able to ‘fit’ is my USP. It also lies in the ability to create something new.
Tell us about the evolution of trends in the fashion industry. 
Fashion has been changing every season. I focus a lot on the Gaultier of the East Rina Dhaka Ace fashion designer Rina Dhaka needs no introduction. Her clients include celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Uma Thurman to name a few. Awarded the Best Designer Award in Miami Fashion Week 2004, Dhaka has showcased her work globally PAGE 3 leg wear collection which is very tribal, yet simple and traditional. I feel Indian women should adopt cotton as the fabric needs attention.
I have even used digital embroideries sometimes to balance out the traditional with the modern. I re-create the whole thing by picking out what a Bhuj worker can do and then make my own story complete using laser and digital embroideries.
What role does make-up play in fashion?
Make-up sets the mood completely. You are not complete without your make-up and hair.
How do you plan and co-ordinate with the make-up artist during a fashion show?
I coordinate with the make-up artist and give the look which is in sync with the collection and that’s my creativity.
Who is your favourite muse?
There is no favourite as such. For the Blender’s Fashion Week 2013, I am working with Amrita Puri, actor. In the past I have worked with Anushka Sharma and Lara Dutta.
What are your favourite products?
In make-up chanel, MAC and Stila. Kerastase is good for hair. I love using Toni & Guy, Cheap Cheese and Kiss Curl Spray.
What are your future plans?
I will be doing a tarde show in Valencia, Spain for my winter line. I also have a shoot for student design contest for the best designers. And, of course, to increase my store count.