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FAT MU Make Up Academy

The concept behind setting up FAT MU Make Up Academy stemsfrom a sense of void in the make-up education space in India.Wanting to change perceptions and provide an international level of education relevant to the Indian market, was a shared dream ofNatasha Nischol and Virginia Homes, which was realised in April2010. The academy offers a rounded education for the trainees to turn into confident young make-up ‘designers’ who can think, research,design and work intelligently given any brief and skin tone.
The courses
The eight-week professional make-up course includes airbrushtechnique, basics of make-up, technical make-up classes, make up for specific needs such as bridal, fashion, special effects, films and more. Sessions include meeting industry experts such as film director , skin expert Venu Kriplani and more. A professional photo shoot is also included. The three-week Fashion& Beauty Pro Make Up Course includes bridal make-up, fashion and film make-up, essentials of make-up, adaptation of current make-up trends and more. There are short courses and workshops and also provides private make-up tuition, makeovers and professional make-up master classes. Each class has a small number of students to ensure maximum personal attention. It boasts sponsorship from a variety of brands like BenNye, Dermalogica, MACcosmetics, and others.
To be above 16 years and have a working knowledge of theEnglish language
Rs 1,000 for workshops, Rs 1,10,000 for the eight week professionalmake up course.