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Raqesh Vashisth : The Metrosexual Man


Hair Forms an Integral Part of One’s Personality

Every face has a different requirement, when it comes to hair cut and style. And, yes it’s an important aspect in developing one’s look to a great extent. I keep variating and have tried several hair looks and lengths. Since I have a square face, I maintain volume at the top to make my face appear oval. As one ages, the face cut partially tends to variate, which may or not be prominently noticeable, but the smarter move is to change your hairstyle or cut in accordance to that.

Styling Counts

Styling products have incomparable importance. When we wake up in the morning, the hair is sloppy and unkempt and to suit ourselves we tag it as a bad hair day. The styling products available today are a big blessing that help us fix our hair.  

The Colour Block

I like to be on the shades of brown, as far as hair colour is concerned. I don’t mind getting subtle streaks as it breaks the monotony.

The Credit Goes to

Meera from Juice salons. She is fantastic and works on all my shoots and serials. I trust her completely for my cut and colour requirements.

I Have Loved Myself in

My look in the present serial Honge Juda Na Hum is a huge hit! When I started the serial, I had short hair, but now I ‘m maintaining a little long hair with a bit of strands falling on the forehead. Yes, I have received a lot of appreciation from my fans.

Care and Style

A spray that really works for me is Work it by TIGI. If I don’t use it, then my hair fallsflat. For shampoos and conditioners or any other hair or skin care product, I use Forest Essentials. It’s the most unique brand that I have discovered over the years. 

The Most Stylish Movie

Dil Chahta Hai is a great example. Even, Farhan Akhtar movies are stylised