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TIGI is not only the brand that has spearheaded the hair care industry, but they have established educational platforms as well as creative incentives for augmenting the TIGI philosophy that has allowed the development of world-class education. To take this initiative forward, Carl Zachau, Global Educator, TIGI conducted a Cut & Style Session at Hakim’s Aalim salon and Academy in Mumbai, where he showcased the latest trends in haircuts and style using the Bed Head range.
About HA salons
Hakim’s Aalim Salons are carefully designed around the days of bohemia and echo the freshness of a free style, that boasts of individuality and indulgence. Aalim has taken the art of hairdressing beyond Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, to even Dubai by the name of Hakim’s Aalim Hair ‘n’ Tattoo Lounge. Trained under his father Hakim Kairanvi, India’s first celebrity hairdresser who styled for the likes of Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Hollywood stars like Bruce Lee, Richard Harris and Tony Greig. From the latest trends to cutting-edge technology, the learning of subtle tricks and knowledge has been imbibed in Aalim’s Academy. There are several courses availeach collection develops with innovative thought processes and techniques. Each collection rede? nes the artist’s past work able such as the Beginner’s Hairdressing Diploma and the Advanced Hairdressing.
TIGI International Creative Team
Teamwork is the foundation of the TIGI International Creative Team (ICT). Founded by Anthony Mascolo in 2002, the ICT has travelled worldwide and has a strong following of forward-thinking hairdressers who take direction and inspiration from the ever-developing work of the team. Key to the team’s philosophy is the expansion of the individual’s ideas within the work of the core group, so that and examines what has been previously done. This allows techniques and finishes to be pushed to a new level.Statement making and rule breaking, TIGI Collections are important to spread influence of the work of the ICT, promoting them to the global hairdressing audience through print and digital media. They also are the key drivers of education through TIGI academies, seminars and shows. Nick Irwin, TIGI European Creative Director, helped Mascolo grow the ICT and is a leading member of the Global Team. He says, “It is imperative that we share our ideas, firstly between ourselves, and then, as they are re? ned, with other hairdressers. Harnessing the concept of ‘What is new today is old tomorrow’ allows us to spread our ideas to other hairdressers and at the same time constantly drives our own work forward.”
TIGI Education
TIGI Education is about sharing and constantly moving forward. For this reason, the programmes constantly evolve, teaching the latest techniques and trends taken from in? uential areas including international catwalks, music, street fashion and youth culture. The cutting edge education dictates new trends to the hairdresser keeping them ahead of the trends. Education in TIGI worldwide academies is designed to provide courses for hairdressers at every level of experience with a broad range of subjects which are inspirational. Providing natural learning spaces, TIGI teachers mentor the hairdresser, delivering mastery of the core disciplines of hairdressing from cutting and colouring to styling and session work. It also supports the salon owner in every area of their business and is far more than pure creativity. Designed to develop the individual and the salon team, TIGI education is about ‘the work behind the work