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Whirl-A-Style: Ties Everyone Up!


Last June Whirl-A-Style, an American company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and known all over the world as the leader in hair accessories made exclusively in the United States and covered by an international patent, was introduced to Italy in the Trade Department of the United States Embassy in Italy. Whirl-A-Style presented hair tools and accessories that are simple and easy to use to the Italian market and which allow creating, with the help of the hairstylist, fashionable styles, which can also be easily used at home. The show of models on whom different hairstyles had been created showed the extent to which Whirl-A-Style can change the life and work of a hair stylist. The Ponytail Extender, for example, is a salvation for those with fine hair. Its structure allows holding the style regardless of the thickness and weight of the hair. Available in three sizes and two different materials, with it both visible and concealed, chignons and soft and natural twists can be created. Haute and Fashion Obsessed, used in the day, allow having wavy hair in the evening and, kept in at night, offer a wavy style the next morning.