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Anita Dongre: The urbane chic

You have been a part of the fashion industry for two decades. How have things changed?

I may have been here for a long time and done a lot of shows, but I feel every show is like my first one. One has the same
nervousness, enthusiasm and excitement to work on the look or create the clothes, put make up, the hair, the music together.
What is the relevance of make-up and hairstyle in fashion? 
They are absolutely relevant. Make-up and hair, shoes and accessories are as important as the clothes because each factor counts. They are critical to any fashion show or even to the look of a garment. The same girls look different without make-up and the look completely changes on the ramp. The whole show can be differently presented by changing the make-up.
What is your contribution in planning make-up and hair for your shows? 
I mostly like to know exactly what the look will be for each collection. But it differs from show to show. Most of the times, we decide the look, but sometimes at the last moment we realise that a certain look isn’t working. I work closely with my team of stylists if that situation arises. I like to try on the make-up and hair during the garment trials.
Which features of the face do you prefer to highlight?
For my shows, I do not like dramatic looks, but prefer makeup to be clean and natural. So there is not a specific part of the face I like to highlight.
What is your favourite make-up brand and make-up artist? 
For the shows I leave it to the make-up artist to decide what brand he wants to use. Be it Namrata Soni, who I am personally very fond of, or Mickey Contractor, they are all fantastic to work with.
Any muse and star that you find most comfortable to work with?
In Bollywood, I am comfortable with all of them. Some ofthe new girls have beautiful personalities and that always makes the garment look better. Its the woman who makes the garment what it is.
What are your upcoming plans? Any new ventures? 
A short break and then back to working on the collection for my two upcoming shows. We have already started working on the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 show. We are simultaneously working for Fall/Winter ‘13 shows in the coming year. Also, we are going to start working for the bridal wear shoot. The New Year brings in a lot of exciting work for the team and we are looking forward to it.