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Beauty space: Blliis by Ravissant

 How is it different from other salons and spas?
Blliis by Ravissant is an ultra luxurious salon and spa that prides itself for introducing new products and services to the salon space in India. Blliis is a space to unwind and recharge. The salon is spread over 5,000 sq ft has 12 chairs and a bakery on the premises.
Who is the target audience?
The target audience for Blliis is a well-travelled customer that appreciates quality and time spent on them. We are priced very competitively and our prices are those of other high street standalone salons in Delhi.
What are the brands Blliis by Ravissant uses? 
Leighton Denny, Sundari, CND Shellac, Aromatherapy Associates and more.
What is the training provided to the staff? How often is it updated? 
Ravissant has had an exclusive training facility, which we also now use to train our staff.
Initial investment made (staff, property, machines, brands, training, etc)? 
2 crores.
Who do you think is competition? 
We believe that Blliis is in a space of its own. We are constantly adding new services and latest techniques from all over the world. We have been the first to introduce many services and brands in Delhi.
We are the only salon providing affordable luxury, thus, we cannot be our compared to any of the salons.
Your views on India’s growing beauty and wellness space.
The last decade has seen the beauty and wellness space in India explode in every direction, from the cropping up of neighbourhood salons in every corner of the country to international skin care and make-up brands flooding the market. Spas as well have seen a real surge. We believe, this is only the beginning as Indian consumers are slowly being educated about wellness and its importance. Indians have practically invented the concept of wellness and this can be seen with our globallyloved Ayurvedic preparations for skin care.

Does Blliis by Ravissant have plans to expand soon? 

Yes, we will expand the Blliis brand to other cities starting with Mumbai