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Skin: Warming touch

 Warming Red Thyme Massage, Four Fountain Spa, Mumbai
An aromatherapy massage bundled with the health benefi ts of natural essential oils, derived from various medicinal herbs. The warming effects of red thyme assists blood circulation, clary sage reduces muscle pain and helps prevent dryness of the skin and clove helps to prevent cold, cough and sinus conditions together make the massage an essential nourishing care to stay warm and healthy in the season. Duration: 60 minutes Price: RS.`2,199 inclusive of taxes.
Detoxifying Enzymatic Cure Facial, Levo Spalon, Gurgaon
A luxury treatment that claims to lend a dewy look to your complexion uses Natura Bisse products. A cleansing protocol based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxifi cation enzymatic heat that opens and softens the pores while the refreshing botanical elements included in the formula close and purify them. It has an Extraction Technique, while the nanostimulating mask with a foamy texture has a moisturising, soothing and revitalising effect on the skin. The fi nal touch is a tinted hydrating veil that provides a radiant and luminous appearance. Duration: 75 minutes Price: `RS.8,000+ taxes
Kaya’s Everyday Radiance Service, Pan India
Kaya’s Everyday Radiance Package addresses the vital needs of exfoliation-hydration-nourishment. Furthermore, Kaya’s Aqua Radiance uses nature’s basic elements of air and water, which oxygenates, exfoliates and hydrates your skin. A treatment that cleanses, moisturises, re-vitalises and detoxifi es the skin. Duration: 60 minute session Price: RS.`2,750+taxes for three sessions after discount
Wellness Spa Packages, Aastha Spa, Kolkata
Aastha Spa is offering attractive discounts on its spa packages till the end of January. The discounts are applicable for different body massages that include Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Balinese massage, four hand massage and Thai massage. A complimentary steam facility is also given. The discount is available at the rate of 50 per cent for two hours duration and 30 per cent for one hour duration. Duration: 60 minutes to 120 minutes Price: `RS.2,700 to `RS.6,800+taxes