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Kanishtha Dhankhar: Now Wavy Is Easy

 Hair fetishes
I love my hair texture! I have naturally curly hair and I have to admit, it was a little hard to manage them when I was growing up. However, now with all my knowledge of products, I love them. The best thing is that they listen to whatever I do with them. So if I want to straighten them, they stay straight, or if I make them to look wavy, they stay like that!
Long versus short

I prefer to keep them long. Since they are curly, they appear to look shorter anyway.
Care and style

I maintain them using products from Dove and L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair range. Oiling it in a way for a good blood circulation. Also eating healthy which makes all the difference.
De-stress idea

A super work out! It could be running, pilates, yoga or strength training. De-stressing for me is about focussing on what’s happening inside.
Managing bad hair days

Bad hair days! I just pull them back.
Favourite hairstylist

Bianca Hartkopf and Gabriel Georgio.
Off the ramp

Gisele Bündchen wavy hair for the day and ponytail for the evening.
Beauty icon
Natalie Portman.