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    Hear the next-gen retailers disclose the inherited learnings at IRF 2012


    What are the retail values and leadership traits that made the iconic Indian retailers what they are today? Addressing the question, the India Retail Forum (IRF) 2012, to be held on 10th and 11th October in Mumbai at the Renaissance, will prove to be an eye-opener for the budding and existing retailers. The session will see the new generation retailers disclose the leadership traits and values acquired from their iconic parents – the pioneers of Indian retail.

    Titled as “IRF Next-Gen Series,” the session will reveal the key qualities that can help the new regime to make it big in the industry. The foundation of any successful and long-lasting business has to be embedded with values and retail is no exception. Time-tested values that helped the big-wigs of Indian retail make a mark in the industry will be shared by the younger generation which in turn helped them take charge of the retail baton passed to them by the founding generation.

    The values and traits highlighted during the session will help the successive generations cross new milestones in their retail journey. Having sticken to the guidelines set by their fathers or forefathers coupled with their own strategy, the new generation retailers will open a new window of learning in the arena of Indian retail.

    Organised by the Images Group, IRF is positioned as the knowledge platform for the Indian retail industry witnessing a huge participation by industry leaders, policy-makers, infrastructure developers, business facilitators, and academia.