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    Nina Lekhi, MD, Baggit



    First job: Graphic designer

    Enduring memory from early career days: Lifting carpets and working as a salesgirl at Shyam Ahuja

    If not a retailer, what would you be: A painter anytime, and now also! I think Baggit is occupying me too much!

    Favorite business icon: and my Guruji Rishi Prabhakar

    Favorite business philosophy: Love them all

    The company you admire the most: Tata’s

    Your most significant career achievement so far: Making my EBOs feasible at last!

    Key learning in your career: Enjoy every moment

    If you were granted one wish for your industry, what would it be: No currency difference between countries, so that we can travel and open up stores in all countries, enjoy the global exposure, cuisines, customers and employments with different nationals, and experience the world as one


    sign: Bull! Seeing red always and attack!

    What do you like to do the most in your spare time: Doing nothing, just looking out at the river in front of my little cottage where I live three days a week

    Favourite book: Living Life Kingsize on an Empty Wallet by Pujya Rishi Prabhakar

    Favourite song: Be Bop A Lula, she’s my baby

    Favourite movie icons: Julia Roberts

    Favourite shopping destination: London

    Favourite food: Eggs, cheese and sandwiches

    Favourite season: Monsoon

    What do you like most in people: Their loving eyes

    What do you dislike most in people: Hate in their energy

    Top three things you want to do at some point in life: Wind surfing, paragliding and sky diving again

    Your vision for the nation: Clean and green (outer beauty) like the West

    The thing you value most in life:  It’s love. Love is what makes love go around

    What makes you feel great about yourself: My inner silence

    What inspires you the most: A silent person

    If you had to teach something, what would you teach: Cooking and swimming (which I already teach!)