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    Lalit Agarwal, CMD, V Mart Retail



    First job: Partner, Vishwa Printers, Mumbai

    Enduring memory from early career days: Hard labour, dirtied my hands in printing press, developing packaging products for pharma and consumer industry

    If not a retailer, what would you be: Would be running a chain of amusement parks

    Favorite business icon: Richard Branson; CEO of Virgin Atlantic

    Favorite business philosophy: Sabse Sasta Sabse Achcha, for what V Mart stands

    The company you admire the most: Walmart and Apple

    Your most significant career achievement so far: Managing more than 3,000 employees at V Mart Retail

    Key learning in your career: Focus on your basics and be grounded

    If you were granted one wish for your industry, what would it be: The retail sector should come together to bring happiness in the eyes of  people and help remove the regional and class-based disparities.


    Zodiac sign: Capricorn

    What do you like to do the most in your spare time: Spending time with family

    Favourite book: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

    Favourite movie: The Godfather and Gladiator

    Favourite song: Bad by Michael Jackson

    Favourite movie icons: Aamir Khan

    Favourite fashion brand: Armani

    Favourite shopping destination: Bangkok

    Favourite holiday destination: Innsbruck, Austria

    Favourite political icon from history: Narendra Modi

    Favourite food: Daal Chaawal

    Favourite season: Winters

    What do you like most in people: Simplicity and truthfulness

    What do you dislike most in people: Lying

    Top thing you want to do at some point in life: See that the earth is round and spend a whole month with my wife at a holiday destination.

    Your vision for the nation: A country with minimal corruption and disharmony

    Your idea of a life well lived: Remain grounded and stick to basics

    The thing you value most in life: My family

    What makes you smile: My children

    What makes you feel great about yourself: My honesty and no-nonsense approach to life that makes me feel good.

    If you had to teach something, what would you teach: Common sense; so many people need it but very few seem to know where to find it.