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    Footwear brand Tresmode to foray into NCR


    Footwear brand Tresmode is all set to expand into the NCR. With the brand already retailing and adding 10 new MBOs at the start of this financial year, Tresmode now plans to raise the count by another 10 points-of-sale that will include 3–4 exclusive brand outlets in the NCR. The brand has 50 shop-in-shops across the country and 6 exclusive outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

    Commenting on the move into the NCR footwear market, , CEO, Tresmode, said: “We intend to slowly expand in the North and later in the South. We prefer expanding the brand zonally rather than aggressively opening stores everywhere. In fact, regional management is much economical and easier. Also, the NCR market is highly organised.” Mahtani further added that the NCR has high possibilities for the brand to be well consumed by customers. “The exposure to European styles and westernised look in footwear is sure to lure customers to shop from an Indian brand,” he said.

    Mahtani added that the brand caters to a global Indian. So, the footwear is designed keeping in mind the need of the customers and differs for each zone. Sixty percent of the company’s footwear is similar, whereas 30-40 percent is customised according to a particular zone. “For example, stores in the NCR will have variety in high length boots in the Autumn/Winter collection, whereas in Mumbai the brand will offer ankle length boots as weather conditions aren’t that extreme as in Delhi or NCR,” stressed Mahtani.

    Talking about the investment for this fiscal, Mahtani said that around Rs 12 crore will be invested for opening new stores. Garnering a turnover of around Rs 28 crore mn last fiscal, Mahtani now expects a growth in the turnover by 40-50 percent by the end of 2012-13. Apart from retailing through MBOs such as Pantaloons, , Central, and Lifestyle, the brand will soon be targeting cities like Vizag, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Bangalore.

    Tresmode also plans to create a new marketing especially for NCR in order to make people aware about the brand and its offerings. The footwear for both men and women are available at an average price of Rs 3,500-4,500.

    -Tista Sengupta