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    First job: In 1986, I helped my uncle run his flower shop in Kolkata.

    Enduring memory from early career days: When I was working with my uncle, he had to go somewhere out of the city for a project. In his absence, the whole responsibility of running the flower shop fell on my shoulders. That experience gave me the confidence to handle things on my own.

    If not a retailer, what would you be? A photographer

    Favourite business icon: Ratan Tata

    Favourite business philosophy: Think out of the box

    The company you admire the most: Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

    Your most significant professional achievement so far: Being nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Key learning in your career: Have learnt a lot from my failures

    If you were granted one wish for your industry, what would it be? The Government should help establish cold chains all over India for the smooth supply of flowers and set up better wholesaling facilities.


    Zodiac sign: Libra

    What do you like doing the most in your spare time: Watch TV and play with the kids

    Favourite book: “If Tomorrow Comes” by Sidney Sheldon

    Favourite websites: NDTV.com

    Favourite movie: “The Towering Inferno”

    Favourite song: It is funny but when I was young, I used to listen a lot to “Jidhar dekhu teri tasveer nazar aati hai, teri soorat meri taqdeer nazar aati hai” from the movie “Mahaan”

    Favourite movie icons: Amitabh Bachchan

    Favourite fashion brand: Versace and M&S

    Favourite shopping destination: Oxford Street, London, and Orchard Street, Singapore

    Favourite holiday destination: Thailand

    Favourite political icon since independence: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    Favourite food: Home-cooked food like “Daal” and “Chawal”

    Favourite season: Winters

    What do you like most in people? Pro-activeness

    What do you dislike most in people? Dishonesty

    The top three things you want to do at some point in life: I want to spend some good time in South America; own a private aeroplane of my own; appear on the cover page of the “Time” magazine

    Your vision for the nation: Poverty-free India

    Your idea of a life well lived: If you are happy, nothing else matters

    The thing you value most in life: The value of Words

    What makes you smile: A good sense of humour and commitment

    What makes you feel great about yourself: People respect me more as a person than for being the MD of Ferns N Petals

    What inspires you the most? Successful Icons

    If you had to teach something, what would it be? Philosophy

    -IndiaRetailing Bureau