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Industry players stress on innovation to satisfy customers


The session on “Partnership in Taking Textile to Customers” on the first day of the ongoing InFashion 2012 at Mumbai focussed on partnership between various players of the industry to bring in textiles.

Lead presenter Karunesh Vohra, CEO and Principal Designer, Munch Design Studio, said that skills should be developed in the industry for radical innovations. Gowri Nagarajan, Business Manager with DuPont Sorona was of the view that to meet the challenges, the industry must add value to the product.

R Chinraj, President, , said demand in the market gives birth to innovation. “We have everything – brain as well as market – but we should understand the demand of our customers. Only then will we able to present something new. We in the industry also have to unite to innovate as no single person or process can do innovation alone, particularly in textiles. Innovation is delivering suitable products to consumers in the best possible way.”

Pankaj Kapoor, Owner of Weavette Textiles, said innovation can change the functionality of the product. Devender Gupta, Co Founder, Asmara International, pointed out that the most important thing is to maintain a balance between global trends and local tastes, which will give a greater opportunity to better deal with the consumers.

Manohar Samuel, Joint President with Birla Cellulose said that value preposition and business profitability should be there in every innovation. “Commercialization and consumerism should be handled properly while working for any innovation. Collaboration is the backbone of innovation,” he added.

-Anuj Goswami