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Education from the gurus of hairstyling – Brent Barber steals the show


There was immense enthusiasm at the Technical Centre of ISP and BMI. While, there were several participants who kept the audience on their toes, such as Samantha Kochhar, WAHL India’s Artistic Team Members Ity Agarwal, Vipul Chudasama, and Raman Bhardwaj, the show stopper was none other than Brent Barber, Partner and Artistic Director at b:blunt. The champion of hairstyling demonstrated looks for the season on models. Later, he paved the way for b:blunt’s young team members, Michelle Cohelo and Akshata Agashe, who gave their take on hairstyles for the season on models. The hall was packed to its maximum and the crowd went berserk with Brent’s intelligent way of working and understated style statements.

While Samantha showcased four quick and tantalising looks for the season on models, as well as Ushoshi Sengupta, I AM SHE Miss India 2010, the WAHL team enthralled the audience by giving interesting hands-on insight into hair clippers. Not only did they ask the audience, comprising hairstylists and aspiring students of hairdressing and beauty, questions, but on answering correctly the members from the audience won themselves products from WAHL.

Brenda Skermont was especially invited by Esskay Beauty Resources. The expert on nails went into minute details of the art and even displayed a look for Valantine’s Day on a model. Apart from nails, she also demonstrated ways of applying false eyelashes. There were several salon owners who were really enthusiastic about this session.

Asha Hariharan, the ultimate in make-up and hair, took of on a rather unusal peg – the hairstyling needed for cinema. The Streax hair session was interesting as was Taniyaa KM’s spring season make-up looks. Shiabin Chen took the audience through the use of Keratin in hair colour. The sessions ended with Harish B of Big Boss Salon letting out the secrets of cutting hair blind-folded.