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Innovations, learnings from successful spa and salon owners


The beauty has always been driven by design and look, and so is the industry. Discussing the matter were Siddharth Sengupta, Head Performance Materials, Merck, Zoeb Kanorwalla of Piramal Glass and of Nature’s Co. Kanorwalla said, “Design and packaging of product is very important. You can’t sell a perfume in a cough syrup bottle. If you are a product manufacturer, you need to ask yourself time to time how design and innovation can help you to change the future landscape.”

“Today innovation, be it design or ingredient, has taken a big leap. Customers want something new and exciting,” further added Natasha Shah.

The next session was focused on ‘Learning’, initiated by Ritoo Jhha, Managing Editor, Salon International. Present on the dais was Veer Kaul, Headmasters; , ; Rajesh Kant, Envi Salon; Varun Dutta, Looks Salon; , Devigarh Spa; Latha Mohan, Kanya Salon; Christine Hays, The Oberoi Spas, and Miriam Mathew of Sohum Spa. The panel discussed their learning and growth along with how they started. There was an insightful presentation by Mariam Mathew where she emphasized the importance of having a clear vision. “Before opening any salon or spa, you should have a clear vision. You should be able to materialize what you are looking for and most importantly, your staff has to be educated to live that vision,” she stressed. “The other crucial factor which plays a key role in any salon/spa’s growth is its location. If you choose the right location, you can excel beyond your wildest imagination,” she added.

Talking about what is important for a salon/spa owner was Vikram Bhatt who was of the view that a salon’s growth has to be a continuous journey. He also pointed out the importance of education. “Continuous investment in education is very important,” Bhatt emphasized.

Apart from how to make a salon/spa successful, the panel also discussed the beauty industry’s problems and challenges and stressed the need to have a uniform body, which can represent the beauty industry to the Government.