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    Retail marketing agency Channelplay launches store chain management tool


    Channelplay, one of India’s leading retail marketing agencies, has launched Hawkeye, a retail-presence management software tool. Hawkeye is designd to give visibility to brands and control the retail investments they make.

    Tushar Chauhan, Head of Retail Intelligence, Channelplay, said: “Hawkeye is designed for brands to keep track of their visibility investments. It can be configured for signage agencies to report deployment through the tool and can then be integrated with an audit mechanism to periodically update the actual visibility share of the brand. Brand managers get to see the real picture and can effectively measure the ROI of their investment."

    He further added that Hawkeye will not just enable signage tracking but will also allow brands to measure planogram compliance, amount, and condition of stock on display. It can be further enhanced to measure the retail metrics of the brand. Hawkeye also has features for managing store networks and multi-brand retail.

    Sundeep Holani, CEO, Channelplay, said that Hawkeye is a result of five years of retail audits and conduction of mystery shops for some of the top Indian brands. It can be used by retail marketing managers, store managers, and mystery shoppers.

    Hawkeye has already been adopted by two handset and three laptop brands of India. Started in 2006, Channelplay deals in visual merchandising, sales force outsourcing, and retail marketing. The agency earned a revenue of Rs 45 crores in 2010-11.

    -IndiaRetailing Bureau