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Vichy launches new anti-aging range


Vichy Laboratories launched Liftatavtiv Derm Source, an anti-aging range. The range is infused with Rhamnose, a sugar plant extracted known for its soothing properties that not only erase the signs of aging, but lets the skin irradiates youth. After 10 years of research, Vichy Laboratories have revolutionized the knowledge of anti-ageing by discovering the central role of the Derm Source. The Derm Source is the layer of the skin which is capable of irradiating youth everywhere in the skin, by creating and distributing youth molecules. Over time as the layer degenerates, the skin loses its radiance. Vichy concentrates Rhamnose at 5% active dosage in all products part of its new Liftactiv range.Available at only selective pharmacies worldwide, is priced at Rs 1490 to Rs 1590