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    Oracle CRM leads the way to cross-channel commerce in India


    Oracle is a global provider of integrated business software and hardware systems in more than 145 countries with more than 370,000 customers. Its open architecture and multiple operating-system options give unmatched benefits to its clients.

    Cross-channel commerce from Oracle enables business processes that start at one channel and ends at another channel, thereby providing a unique shopping experience to the customers. “Indian retail market is witnessing an exponential growth and Oracle is expanding its B2B and B2C operations in India to provide the latest technology for strengthening the relationship between retailers and the consumers”, said Anthony Lye, senior VP, .

    The growing significance of internet, multiple sale channels and consumers becoming more demanding, cross-channel commerce has become vital. A cross-channel commerce can be described as a business process that starts on a particular channel and ends on another. It is a logical art of customer experience where the customer records are unified, he added.

    Lye further added: “Before opting for a cross channel, the online companies and start-ups should have a thorough knowledge about their consumer behaviour. The channel should be able to release and place the product across multiple sites along with integration of POS and online channels. Oracle has defined the custmer relationship management (CRM) and enabled the integration of products delivery across multiple channels.”

    He emphasised that an ideal cross channel should be able to provide both online and offline experience. It should also encourage mobile commerce as more and more people have started using their cell phones for shopping. Finding the right sponsors for introducing cross-channel commerce in India is a major challenge being faced by the company. Growing online presence, competition and consumer demand for a cross-channel experience through mobile platform are the key catalysts driving the CRM.

    Tripti Bisht