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Dermal fillers to rule India and China markets


A research done by iData Research reveals that the cosmetic surgery market is expected to be led by a huge surge in popularity for fillers in both India and China. The research shows that dermal fillers show particularly strong potential, as consumers in Asia, like their western counterparts, move towards non-invasive anti-ageing treatments that are also less costly.
The overall market for cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics and medical laser treatments is expected to reach $1.2 billion by the year 2017. The report also highlights the fact that, despite cosmetic surgeries being selective treatments and not reimbursed for insurance purposes, interest is continuing to grow in both countries, as consumers reach out for new ways of fighting signs of ageing.

Recent increasing interest in fillers is driven by hyaluronic acid filler treatments. They promise to be more effective with no need for allergy tests, which in turn has helped them to surpass the once popular collagen fillers.

Source: http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com

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