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Gotham Beauty drops brands


New York-based Gotham Beauty, the online beauty retailer, has withdrawn two brands from its website after the review of its product range. The review was conducted by the US based retailer after the finding that one of its supplier’s product required to be relabeled. This product was supposed to be imported to the European Union. The brands which have been discontinued are Lollia and Tokyo Mil supplanting Gotham’s request to suppliers for a proof that their products were natural, carcinogen and toxin free, and potentially without any synthetic products .

“After taking time out to research what natural actually means in the United States, I was horrified to find that the use of the term natural is not regulated or defined in the same way as the term organic,” commented Gotham Beauty founder and CEO, Richard Annington. He added futher “Some of our suppliers have knowingly taken advantage of this loophole and sold our firm products which contain parabens. As part of my research I was alarmed to learn that more than 500 products are being retailed in the US which contain ingredients which are banned in Japan, Canada and the European Union.”

Source: http://www.cosmeticsbusiness.com