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    New app for Images Publications!


    IMAGES publications are now a page closer their readers through a revolutionary digital platform that offers unimaginable reading experience for readers – Magzter.

    Launched recently, Magzter offers a traditional reading experience to magazine readers, enhanced with digital sophistication. With this app, IMAGES Retail readers get an ultimate book shop which has all IMAGES Retail and other Images retail industry magazines right on your hands.

    IMAGES fashion & retail magazines enjoy the largest readership in their segments across the Indian sub continent & Middle-East with over half a million readers – Expanding its reach steadily in the markets of Far East and further making an entry to the European and US markets.

    Readers can now subscribe to IMAGES RETAIL and other Images magazines they want to buy right through the Magzter platform itself. What more, readers can place the IMAGES RETAIL subscribed magazine on their digitized library on Magzter and read it any time. This special digital newsstand comes with an easy-to-use interface, which redefines the very art of reading.

    With Magzter, IMAGES RETAIL advertisers can sneak into the reader’s house without even knocking at the door. It is a notable fact that when your magazine is available in the reader’s hands, the probability for the reader to buy the magazine is high.

    “With Magzter, Images Magazines have taken the first space into the digital app space and this marks the beginning of our continuous efforts to provide unmatched value to our readers and advertisers “ – Gurpreet Wasi, Chief Marketing Officer, Images Group.

    Bringing Images publications even closer to you , Magzter will soon be rolled out for other mobile and mobility device platforms like the iPhone, Symbian (Nokia/Sony Ericsson), BlackBerry and BADA.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau