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Mandira Bedi to endorse Cryo-Save


The global leader in stem cell banking, Cryo-Save has recently announced actress, model and television anchor, Mandira Bedi as their official brand-ambassador. “We are indeed very proud and privileged to have Mandira as our brand ambassador and we welcome her to the Cryo-Save family and look forward to a long and successful relationship. With our decade-long global experience, it is a vital step in spreading awareness about this concept to all stratas of the Indian Society,” said Rajesh Sharma, MD, Cryo-Save India.
Speaking about her association with Cryo-Save, Mandira Bedi said “Parents take various steps to ensure safe and secure future of their child. One small, but very significant step towards securing the health of your child is by storing the stem cells of your newborn. It wasn’t until recently that I was made aware of the benefits of stem cells. They can be used to treat various life threatening diseases. Banking of stem cells is the best gift, which the parents can give to their child. It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Cryo-Save in spreading this awareness across India.”