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BASF to modernise cleaning at HPCI Congress 2011


BASF and Cognis, which is a part of BASF now, is going to present their combined technical expertise and product portfolio for the Personal Care, Home Care as well as Industrial and Institutional Cleaning (I&I) markets, at the HPCI Congress which was held in Istanbul, Turkey from June 1 to June 2, 2011.

They exhibited innovative concepts, products and formulations that would help the customers to meet challenging demands of the consumer. Through their display of the featured products they have set new trends.

“Middle East, and especially Turkey, are strong growing and important markets for us. “Therefore I am very glad that BASF presents the combined portfolio here in Istanbul. said Stefan Beckmann, Senior Vice President of Home Care and Formulation Technologies Europe. ”

The show also featured Sokalan CP 5, a phosphate replacement for heavy-duty liquid detergents, and Tinolux BMC, a photocatalytic system that is excellent cleaning and bleaching agent. Besides laundry detergents, BASF also featured mild and effective ingredients for manual dish-washing.

Source: www.WorldPressOnline.com