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Exclusive on L’Oreal Colour Trophy


Chris Williams, International Colour Director RUSH Hair and member of the multi-award winning RUSH Hair Artistic Team, in an exclusive with Salon International

What was your experience of traveling around India?
It was an incredible experience to travel around India when Tina Farey and I visited Dehli, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai for a series of Look & Learn Colour Seminars for L’Oreal. It was great to see so many different locations and meet so many people.

Do you think the Indian audience is ready for international hair colour trends and flavours?
We presented to over 100 delegates on each seminar, which was incredible and the audience were very keen to learn about all of our techniques. Education is such an important part of what we do at RUSH and we were privileged to be teaching the importance of balancing cutting and colouring to form creative and inspirational styles. The Indian audience were intrigued and eager to take back what they learned to their salon.

How would you compare the mature market of Europe with that of India as far as the colouring and the hairdressing is concerned?
The Indian audience is thirsty for knowledge and are happy to take advice and direction from the European market that is more developed in cutting and colouring techniques.

What should hairstylists keep in mind for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy?
It is important for stylists to look at the trends emerging from catwalk trends in the major fashion shows from London, Paris, Milan and New York. Incorporating these trends into one look which is also represents their individual style can show they understand how to translate trends.

What are the colour trends being followed globally?
The most important factor to remember is to present an entire look from the clothes styling, hair style and make-up as the judges mark on the whole look and not just the hair.

The main colour trend, which is growing in popularity, is the burnt ombre look. This colour trend started off as being favoured by celebrities but it has increased in popularity and is now being asked for in the salon time and time again and is being used by product companies as a main trend for the coming season.