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Jeevaa Spa and Salon in Mumbai


and Salon, the first of its kind multifaceted luxury and salon, has opened in Navi Mumbai. Infused with an ethnic Asian character, two glittering Thai statues greet customers right at the door, almost compelling one to marvel at the beauty for a split second before entering inside. The spacious reception is soaked in the aroma of herbal oils and is lit up with elegantly designed candles and lamps, with the walls bearing artistic hand-painted Indian paintings. “I am very excited to offer to the people of Navi Mumbai as it was about time they got the best in beauty and relaxation in their own vicinity. I think Navi Mumbai is the most vibrant, growing city with a population that is willing to experiment and experience the best in the world and with , that is exactly I wish to offer them,” says , owner of the spa.