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Beierdorf gears up for Nivea’s 100th birthday


Germany based skincare company Beiersdorf AG’s Annual General Meeting was held in the Congress Centrum in Hamburg on Thursday, April 21, 2011. The key topics of the report to shareholders were business developments in 2010, the NIVEA brand’s 100th birthday and the implementation of Beierdorf’s updated Consumer Business Strategy.

“I would like to start by saying up front that this meeting is taking place in a very special year,” said Thomas-B. Quaas, Chairman of the Executive Board of Beiersdorf AG.

“We are celebrating two major anniversaries in 2011. Nivea is 100 years old. In 1911, the three pioneers Oscar Troplowitz, Paul Gerson Unna, and Isaac Lifschütz succeeded for the first time in creating a stable water and oil emulsion – NIVEA Creme. Today, this is the core of a large, strong brand family that is a global success. This is something of which we can all be truly proud. What is more, our tesa business segment also has reason to celebrate.

Nearly 75 years ago, in1936, Beiersdorf launched a transparent rubber adhesive tape for the first time under the name of tesafilm. The product was a major success, and made tesa famous as the umbrella brand for all of the company’s adhesive products from 1941 onwards,” he said further.

Quaas elaborated: “The Consumer Business segment is not growing at its customary pace during the transitional phase in which we currently find ourselves. We are streamlining our portfolio and investing substantial sums in our strong brands. In 2010 we prepared the ground and in 2011 we shall continue to sow a large number of seeds, which will allow us to gather in good, rich harvests again in the coming years.”

Source: http://worldpressonline.com