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Ami-caps®: beneficial plant extracts in make-up powders


It is a fact that if make-up companies want to survive in the cut throat competition, to stay ahead they will have to add something more to their products, apart from colour or fragrance. This is the reason why make-up companies have expanded their role by offering cosmetic properties, such as moisturising, anti-ageing, antioxidant, etc. and are keen on offering natural products. Hence, plan extracts are perfect and have duly become the true must-have active ingredients!

This is where Ami-caps® steps in. Their unique technique of absorption on microporous silica is good for for those who want to try out their cosmetic ingredients in make-up powders. They can even create their own Ami-caps® from one of their numerous Phytamis® (more than 160 eco-designed plant extracts) and high-tech actives. The principle is simple: you select an active and their laboratory experts adapt it to create their Ami-caps®.

When applied on the skin with the powder, the extract is naturally released on contact with the skin through a phenomenon of slow absorption-desabsorption between molecules with different polarities: water and the extract.

Ami-caps® can be incorporated into any powder formulation, pressed or loose (blush, eye shadow, face powder, bronzer, etc.) and thus make-up powders can claim to have cosmetic activities!

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