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L’Oréal Honored Women in Science

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In 13th annual For Women in Science award ceremony five female scientists were honored for their professional accomplishments. The ceremony was held by the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO on March 3 in Paris.

Each laureate, who came from a different continent, was given a prize of $100,000 to support independent research. Faiza Al-Kharafi, representing Africa and the Arab states, was recognized for her research on corrosion, which impacts water treatment and the oil industry. Vivian Wing-Wah Yam, from Asia and the Pacific, won for her work on light-emitting materials and ways of capturing solar energy.

Europe’s Anne L’Huillier got a prize for creating a fast camera capable of recording electron movements. Jillian Banfield, from North America, was acknowledged for her work on bacterial and material behavior under extreme conditions relevant to earth and the environment. And Silvia Torres-Peimbert, representing Latin America, was lauded for her research into the chemical composition of nebulae. Also honored at the ceremony were 15 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, who each received a UNESCO-L’Oréal International Fellowship grant worth up to $40,000 to pursue work in life sciences.


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