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Clinique has gone digital


Paris-based brand Clinique (Estée Lauder Group) made its debut in 1968 with a hand-operated diagnostic slide device, has now joined the iPad generation. The new device, called the iPad Skin Diagnostic Tool, will be installed in new counter configurations, which ultimately will include new product testers for foundation and colour cosmetics and a new smart-screen scanner that provides product information and even reviews from other consumers. “By integrating digital technologies into the shopping experience, we are offering the consumer a stimulating and socially modern way to connect with the brand,” explained Lynne Greene, global brand president of Clinique, Origins and Ojon at the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.

The iPad analyser is designed to produce a personal analysis for a consumers, providing 180,000 possible product recommendations. Clinique is planning to roll out the iPad devices to 1,300 doors globally by the end of the year, starting in North America.

The iPad device has been rolled out to a handful of pilot department stores, and reportedly the results so far have produced sales increases of 30 percent in the first stores.