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PZ Cussons Forms Beauty Division


UK based PZ Cusson Consumer Product Group’s The PZ Cussons Beauty division will incorporate the St. Tropez self-tanning brand, The Sanctuary spa products and the Charles Worthington haircare brand.

The move follows PZ Cussons’ acquisition of St. Tropez last year. Michelle Feeney, the current chief executive officer of St. Tropez, said that her plans for the brands include taking The Sanctuary brand into the North American market, launching the brands in Australia and looking at expanding the three brands into PZ Cussons’ current areas of strength, such as Asia.

“You’ve got three very strong British brands that have huge potential within growing markets and also a growing marketplace,” said Feeney, who, before joining St. Tropez in 2006, was at Estée Lauder for 11 years. “Sanctuary and St. Tropez work very well together, and Charles Worthington is another great British brand that hasn’t expanded worldwide.”

In addition, there will be product innovation across all three brands, Feeney said. “The headquarters of PZ Cussons has an amazing R&D facility that has been working behind the scenes on lots of developments in new technology. It’s about harnessing that in a more premium way — there will be huge product leaps in development,” said Feeney.

The beauty division will be operational as of June 1, and will be based in London. The PZ Cussons Group will now operate in the U.K. as two autonomous divisions — PZ Cussons Beauty and PZ Cussons UK. The latter incorporates the group’s washing and bathing brands, such as Imperial Leather, Original Source and Carex.

Source: www.wwd.com