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Delhi spas groom men


Tamaya Jaypee Vasant Continental Delhi and Tamaya Jaypee Sidhharth Delhi have created exclusive spa treatments for men, such as, the Skin fit Caviar for Him, which, is designed to be an anti-ageing caviar facial that provides rejuvenation and acts as a repairing agent. They also claim that the freeze-dried Escutox® is meant to replenish skin while counteracting the ageing aggressors. The service is for 60 minutes and is priced at Rs4,000 plus taxes. The other treatment is Myoxy-Caviar™ and Pearl Facial. Tamaya states that this it is a rejuvenating, anti-ageing facial with caviar and pearl extracts blended with Escutox®, a phyto-extract which they believe is a natural equivalent of botox. The treatment last for an hour and comes for Rs.5,000 plus taxes