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    X5 Retail appoints new CEO of IT Business


    NV, Russia’s largest retailer in terms of revenue, has announced the appointment of as CEO of IT Business company.

    IT Business, a dedicated X5 group company for e-commerce, currently operates through www.bolero.ru and www.003.ru online stores. The company posted 2010 net sales of $20.3 million and $6.9 million in the fourth quarter.

    Grodinsky has significant experience in FMCG and e-commerce. From 2006 to 2008, he served as general director of O-Courier (a major delivery channel of in Moscow and St Petersburg regions). In November 2008, he was appointed deputy CEO and operational director of . In February 2010, Grodinsky became the head of Alterwest, a Russian leader in ice cream and frozen foods.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau