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Organic Monitor explores sustainable fragrances


Leading research firm Organic Monitor aims to unravel some of the major technical and formulation issues associated with sustainable fragrances in its upcoming Natural Cosmetics Masterclass to be held in Paris in March 2011. Although there is considerable interest in sustainable fragrances, Organic Monitor finds the adoption rate remains low because of many sourcing and technical hurdles. Raw material availability, quality and stability are some of the major barriers to adoption. This new Masterclass will highlight the major hurdles associated with sustainable fragrances and propose potential solutions. Organic Monitor has devised this Masterclass to highlight and discuss the major barriers associated with sustainable fragrances. Natural and organic cosmetic standards require certified products contain natural fragrances, however these bring many technical challenges. By exploring sustainable fragrance options and discussing practical solutions, Masterclass aims to increase adoption rates.

Source: www.worldpressonline.com