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    Wincor Nixdorf reveals advanced checkout solution


    Wincor Nixdorf, the provider of IT solutions and services to retailers and retail banking, is showcasing its full range of solutions at Wincor World 2011, a trade fair-cum-forum for banking and retail, being held in Paderborn, Germany, from January 25 to 27.

    Wincor Nixdorf is premiering a solution that focuses on rapid scanning of articles at the checkout. With this solution – Towerline 50 – products are placed on a conveyor belt and automatically scanned. Just one attendant is required for two of these automatic POS lines. This is made possible by improved scanner technology and a scan rate of around 98 per cent. A processing speed of some 60 articles a minute means that even discounters benefit from the solution. The payment process can either be integrated in the system or a separate terminal can be used.

    The new product is suitable even for convenience stores and the cosmetics and fashion sector, thanks to its small footprint (up to four checkout solutions over one square metre) and high-quality design.

    Wincor Nixdorf says the modular Towerline 150 product family, which was premiered worldwide two years ago, is based on a single product platform and permits a broad range of different configurations. This means various checkout scenarios can be implemented with any combination of cash and non-cash payment while optimising the footprint. The standardised processes at the system for customers and staff ensure intuitive usability in different scenarios. This year, a self-checkout variant with a standalone cash recycling solution has been added to the product family.

    Meanwhile, Cash Cycle Management Solutions (CCMS) has been successfully launched in the market and is already in operation in initial projects – with promising results.

    The solution consists of consulting, hardware, software and services. The concept goes far beyond optimising cash cycles at retail stores and integrates cash centres and the cycle between retailers and banks. Cash Cycle Management Solutions offers a single solution platform for all scenarios in retailing. The portfolio’s individual components can be used in attended or self-checkout concepts and at the cash office. The company insists it analyses individual and country-specific structures and processes before implementing the solution.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau