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    New SAS tool to help retailers maximise revenue


    To help retailers optimise markdown price schedules at the SKU-store level, US-based software solutions company has unveiled High-Performance Markdown Optimisation within its popular Merchandise Intelligence suite.

    “The unprecedented capabilities of SAS High-Performance Markdown Optimisation let even the largest retailers optimise markdown price schedules at the SKU-store level to maximise sell-through and revenue. By applying proven granular analytics such as price elasticity, store sales forecast, and pricing rules to store-specific promotions and inventory, SAS can help increase revenue and sell-through at a lower total cost of ownership,” said Shiva Kommareddi, senior director, solutions product management, SAS.

    By maximising multi-threaded analytical processing components and in-memory processing models, new SAS High-Performance Computing creates a single system to analyse massive amounts of data in parallel and answer complex business questions in real time.

    SAS High-Performance Computing solutions will be powered by Converged Infrastructure technology.

    SAS says its preliminary lab findings show a 10-fold improvement in optimisation time and a 10-fold reduction in time for estimation and forecasting, while lowering hardware costs by a factor of 3-10 times, depending on data volume.

    “Retailers are looking for solutions that will have a positive impact on their revenue and working capital,” said , Worldwide Segment Executive, Retail and Consumer Goods Industries, HP. “By breaking jobs into multiple threads and processing them across multiple cores, the SAS and HP solution will provide clients with detailed information faster.”

    In addition to availability on HP hardware, SAS Markdown Optimisation is available on demand, providing customers the flexibility and agility to run on a hosted environment at SAS.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau