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    Delhi tops eBay list of e-commerce base


    According to ‘Buy and Sell Survey 2010’ by e-commerce portal – – Delhi bags the top rank in terms of remaining as the largest e-commerce base in both imports and exports followed by Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore in second, third and fourth position respectively.

    On the exports-imports transactions made on the eBay sites, findings show that 545 export hubs sell goods to 89 countries across the globe and close to 1,259 locations import goods from 114 countries.

    , general manager and head of India Product Centre, eBay said, “There are about 4,000 items traded in 2,000 categories with a live listings of as many as five lakh items. eBay is growing at a rate of 64 per cent in terms of volume against the India’s e-commerce market growth of 30 per cent. India has over 3,296 e-commerce hubs in eBay census 2010. The IT hubs of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka were the most wired states in India with the most cities where e-commerce originates.”

    Tracking the online buying and selling behaviour of buyers and sellers on the portal, he added that technology is India’s favourite traded vertical category contributing to 48 per cent of transactions in eBay census. The category at 34 per cent came second in popularity for online Indians.

    For global trade, lifestyle is the clear winner at 63 per cent of exports followed by collectibles and technology at 14 per cent each. In case of imports, lifestyle dominated with 43 per cent followed by technology with 28 per cent.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau